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Celebrate your next special occasions with our homemade macarons will make your guests memorable!

Classic Flavors 

White Chocolate/ *Chocolate / Dark Chocolate

$2.00 CAD each 

Special Flavors

*Matcha / *Coffee / *Sea Salt Caramel / Lemon / *Black Sesame / Cotton Candy

$2.50 CAD each 

Raspberry / Strawberry / Blueberry / Mango

*Matcha Red Bean / *Hojicha / *Earl Grey / Moka  

Candy Canes/ *Bubble Gum / *Salted Egg / *Honey Citron 

$2.80 CAD each 

*Dark Chocolate with Fresh Raspberry

$3.20 CAD each 

Minimum order quantity: 24  macarons - same design or same color

(12 macarons per flavor)

*WingSo Recommend


Custom Macaron

 $3.50 CAD and up each

  Custom Lollipop Macaron

$3.80 CAD and up each

(Individually wrapped in a clear bag  with a prop stick)

 The price for our custom macarons is depend on the design and the amount of work required


Lunar New Year Limited Edition for the Year of  DRAGON 2024

Golden Dragon  “金龍納福” Gift Box Set 

A Box of 4 Macarons (1 Dragon Daruma Doll + 3 "龍") $20 /Box
A Box of 9 Macarons (1 Dragon Daruma Doll + 8 "龍") $42 / Box
A Box of 18 Macarons (2 Dragon Daruma Doll +  16 "龍"” ) $80 /Box

" Dragon Daruma Doll" - Matcha flavor with Red Bean Paste
"龍"- Matcha flavor with Gold Pearlized Sugar 


 Available for a limited time only . Order deadline is February 3rd, 2024


Christmas Special Edition Gift Box Set 2022

Santa Claus - Matcha Flavor with Red Bean Paste

Reindeer - Chocolate Flavor

Snowman - Salted Caramel Flavor

Gingerbread Man - Ginger & Cinnamon Flavor

 $18.00 CAD  (A pack of 4 different Christmas themed macarons)

Available for a limited time only

Christmas Limited Edition

3D Reindeer - Dark Chocolate with Fresh Raspberry

$4.20 CAD each


Special Edition

Spiderman / One Punch Man /  Donut / Puppy /  Piggy 

Easter Chick / Easter Bunny 

Minions / Pikachu / Jifflypuff / Eevee / Charmander / Bulbbassaur / Snorlax

 $4.00 CAD and up each

Takoyaki / Double Happiness "囍"

 $4.50 CAD and up each


Halloween Limited Edition

Halloween Mummy / Black Cat / Frankenstein /  Skellington

$3.50 CAD each


  • Packaging Fee: If you would like us to individually wrap the macarons (e.g. 2 macarons per bag / box), there is an extra fee of $2.00 CAD (and up) per bag / box. If the bags or boxes are provide by the clients, we will only charge $1.00 CAD per bag / box for the packaging fee.

  • Personalized tags are now available. Please contact us for a quotation.

  • All our macarons are freshly made on order.

  • Orders should be placed at least two weeks in advance. For large orders, please reserve early to ensure availability.

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total payment is required. The remaining balance is due on the day you receive your order.

  • For an optimal taste, we suggest to keep the macarons in the refrigerator and consume within 7 days after delivery. Our macarons are good to be served at room temperature, but should be kept away from sunlight.

  •  Delivery Service: Delivery available for additional cost, please contact us for more details.

Hope you enjoy our macarons !

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