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Celebrate your next special occasions with our homemade macarons will make your guests memorable!

Classic Flavors 

White Chocolate/ *Chocolate / Dark Chocolate

$2.00 CAD each 

Special Flavors

*Matcha / *Coffee / *Sea Salt Caramel /Raspberry / Strawberry /  Blueberry / Lemon / Mango / *Black Sesame / Cotton Candy

$2.50 CAD each 

*Matcha Red Bean / *Hojicha / *Earl Grey / Moka  /

Candy Canes/ *Bubble Gum / *Salted Egg / *Honey Citron 

$2.80 CAD each 

*Dark Chocolate with Fresh Raspberry

$3.20 CAD each 

Minimum order quantity: 24  macarons - same design or same color

(12 macarons per flavor)

*WingSo Recommend


Lunar New Year Limited Edition for the Year of  DRAGON 2024

Golden Dragon  “金龍納福” Gift Box Set 

A Box of 4 Macarons (1 Dragon Daruma Doll + 3 "龍") $20 /Box
A Box of 9 Macarons (1 Dragon Daruma Doll + 8 "龍") $42 / Box
A Box of 18 Macarons (2 Dragon Daruma Doll +  16 "龍"” ) $80 /Box

" Dragon Daruma Doll" - Matcha flavor with Red Bean Paste
"龍"- Matcha flavor with Gold Pearlized Sugar 


 Available for a limited time only . Order deadline is February 3rd, 2024


Custom Macaron

 $3.50 CAD and up each

  Custom Lollipop Macaron

$3.80 CAD and up each

(Individually wrapped in a clear bag  with a prop stick)

 The price for our custom macarons is depend on the design and the amount of work required


Christmas Special Edition Gift Box Set 2022

Santa Claus - Matcha Flavor with Red Bean Paste

Reindeer - Chocolate Flavor

Snowman - Salted Caramel Flavor

Gingerbread Man - Ginger & Cinnamon Flavor

 $18.00 CAD  (A pack of 4 different Christmas themed macarons)

Available for a limited time only

Christmas Limited Edition

3D Reindeer - Dark Chocolate with Fresh Raspberry

$4.20 CAD each


Special Edition

Spiderman / One Punch Man /  Donut / Puppy /  Piggy 

Easter Chick / Easter Bunny 

Minions / Pikachu / Jifflypuff / Eevee / Charmander / Bulbbassaur / Snorlax

 $4.00 CAD and up each

Takoyaki / Double Happiness "囍"

 $4.50 CAD and up each


Halloween Limited Edition

Halloween Mummy / Black Cat / Frankenstein /  Skellington

$3.50 CAD each


  • Packaging Fee: If you would like us to individually wrap the macarons (e.g. 2 macarons per bag / box), there is an extra fee of $2.00 CAD (and up) per bag / box. If the bags or boxes are provide by the clients, we will only charge $1.00 CAD per bag / box for the packaging fee.

  • Personalized tags are now available. Please contact us for a quotation.

  • All our macarons are freshly made on order.

  • Orders should be placed at least two weeks in advance. For large orders, please reserve early to ensure availability.

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total payment is required. The remaining balance is due on the day you receive your order.

  • For an optimal taste, we suggest to keep the macarons in the refrigerator and consume within 7 days after delivery. Our macarons are good to be served at room temperature, but should be kept away from sunlight.

  •  Delivery Service: Delivery available for additional cost, please contact us for more details.

Hope you enjoy our macarons !

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