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"Thank you so much for all your help in creating the wedding of our dreams! It was such a great feeling knowing you had every single detail during the wedding day under control. I'm certain we couldn't have done it without you and moreover, we had so much fun planning it with you I would definitely recommend everyone to get a wedding planner and to go with AmazingWedding1314."


Susan & Peter




"I initially want Florence for my tea ceremony but we ended up having her as our wedding planner too and it was the best decision. She reminds us of every detail and all the steps, recommended us everything, got us the best vendors. She pays attention to the details. Without her, the wedding wouldn't be as successful as it was. I totally recommend her especially those who want Chinese and western weddings. The whole day, she made sure everything is on time and David and I can enjoy the day without any problems. She took care of all the staff and vendors. Thank you very much! You helped us so much. A wedding is so stressful and you took 90% of the stress from us! Thank you!"

Sherry & David




"We would like to thank our wedding planners AW Florence Bun Yee Florence Cheng and Wing for their 200% dedication to us and their unbelievable hard work. They went above and beyond for us and were always there for us. For my last minute husband and my scatter brain self, they were incredibly efficient and patient, our wedding was incredibly epic."


Tiffany & Chi-Hung




"Just had a blast at my brother's wedding party. Thank you for everyone that worked so hard for that day. Thank you all the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and a big thanks for the wedding planner AW Florence and Wing for their precious help. After a big event like this, you just realize why you need the help of professionals to organize it to make a memorable night. They are professional, dedicated and the most important, they love their work so they are happy to help you!!!"


Chi-Liem Ly




"Hi Florence! It was our pleasure to have asked you and Wing to stay with us as guests. We really enjoyed working with you guys. You guys did WAY beyond what we expected. It's our own way of thanking you, like I've said many times yesterday.You guys a very meticulous, all the details that we don't really think of were taken care by you. Like when I saw you with your emergency bag for opening the money box for us (it blew my mind!) or Wing bring a whole pack of water and carrying it around for us. You guys did an amazing job! No words can express our gratitude to you guys. 

Glad you guys get to be guests at a wedding that you were part of the making."


Sophie & Chin




"Thank you very much for everything you have done for my sister’s wedding. To be honest with you, when Sophie told me that she was going to have a wedding planner for the day ceremony, we were all against her idea. We told her that it was a waste of money and that we will be able to handle it without the help of anybody. Especially that Sophie and Chin are not that very traditional either so there was no need to be too serious about it. However, I must say that you have done a very good job and you have took out a lot of stress out for Sophie and that is priceless. You were very thoughtful on every little details. From the most important things to the smallest ones. You pay attention to everything that happened in the house and was always ready when Sophie called you. You weren’t just there to keep track of our time, but you were even there to remind us of every single little details (such as my table on which they will sign the papers).


Again, I am very thankful for everything you have done and I wish you lots of success."


Laura Huynh




"We have been blessed to have both of you at our side for our wedding. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for guiding us through every little steps on planning for our big day. You have been our safety net for so many things. Forever grateful. Thank you thank you!!"

Annie & Simon




"Thank you so much AmazingWedding1314! Florence & Wing, you really helped make our dream wedding a reality! It was very enjoyable to work with you both. The fact hat you have so many services and products for sale/rent made the planning process much less stressful for us. Everyone LOVED the desserts Florence! You both also have great knowledge & advice but also listen to us in let us choose what we want. Thank you for all the rundowns & being so kind, helpful an organized on the actual big day. We couldn't have done it without you! Much love & appreciation!"

Janice & Patrick



"Thanks Florence for all the help! First time being part of the Bridal Party so easy breezy. And this is all Because of your effort!"






"As part of the bridal party, the wedding was perfect. Without you the special day for the bride and groom wouldn't run so smoothly. You made me realize your role so important. You rock the party!"






"It is truly an Amazing Wedding at T&R wedding. AW team (Wing Florence ) provided an exceptional service. Thank you for all your help!"






"The feelings are reciprocated. Thank you for being so good with the much needed long distance communication throughout the planning. "






"Thank you so much for coordinating the day for our wedding and making it such a special night! People are still telling us how much fun they had there!"


Kat & Brian




"Thank you for organizing such an amazing wedding for us! It was a great experience! We totally enjoyed it and we heard lots of good comments! The wedding is the greatest memories of our life! Thank you so much!"


Vian & Kim




"Thank you for putting up such a cute and beautiful wedding! You are a true organizer!"





"Thank you so much for all your help organizing my Bridal Shower. I had a lot of fun and I'm sure all the guests did too! I feel lucky to be able to share these moments with you!" 






"THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH Florence and Wing for all that you both have done for Brian and I on our big day! The day was SUPERB. You guys are just so amazing. You both look at EVERY single detail, not missing out anything, had made our day go by so smoothly and had executed every little thing so seamlessly. Our day was absolutely a success with you both by our side and we did feel stress-free. BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN!"


Mabel & Brian




"Thanks to Wing & Florence for the superb work that you did for Jarvis &Torres' 100th day baby shower last night. All of our guests were extremely complimentary about the sweet table/candy bar. Your services were spectacular. I wish you continued success going forward. Thanks again! "


Gina & Stanley




"Without Wing n Florence, we will not have such a smooth, blissful n memorable ceremony ! Thank you!"


Elaine & David

"Another success! Without you guys, my special event wouldn't be the same atmosphere! Thank you for being here always!"

Melanie & Felix

"Thanks for joining us for Charlotte's 100 days!!! You made it extra memorable with the amazing pictures! We are so lucky to have you guys attend! Thank you again!!!"






"Thank you AW Florence and Wing to make our wedding amazing! The coordination of the tea ceremony is excellent! The Chinese traditional wedding outfits are beautiful! We are happy to have AmazingWedding1314 with us! Thank you!"

Lize & Du

"It was such a successful day yesterday! We had so much fun! You guys did an amazing job and we are very happy with the photobooth! Thank you so much for being part of our day! Xoxoxo"

Jennifer & Vincent

"Thank you Wing + Florence! You two have been so amazing for us! We are so grateful to have found you to document our special day! Thank you for being so quick and very helpful throughout the planning!"


Jerome + Lan



"Big thanks to Amazing Wedding 1314 for making the backdrop! Always so lovely!"





"Thank you Amazing Wedding 1314 and AW Florence for such a fun and professional photoshoot!!!"

Cindy Ho

President of YCPA




"A special thank you to Amazing Wedding 1314 for being a big fun part of our night! Take a look at the pictures in the album and you can definitely see how much our guests have enjoyed their incredible services."

YCPA - Young Chinese Professionals Association (10th Orchid Ball 2018)

"Hey Florence! Eric and I would like to thank you for the amazing service yesterday! The guests had a blast and we couldn’t be more happy with the outcome! Thank you so so much!! We will not hesitate to refer your to our friends and family!"

Amelia & Eric


"Thank you so much for the tea ceremony set up and being part of our big day. Your presence definitely meant a lot to us. "

Kelly & Vincent

"Thank you so much for the cake and Macaroons! Everyone complimented how pretty and original it was.

Ps I absolutely loved the design of the thank you tags! It's amazing!"

Cindy H.

"Thank you for the macarons. They were delicious and disappeared so fast. Thank you for being a part of our wedding day!"





"Thanks for the amazing service to you both!!!"

Jenny & Minh

"Florence!!!!!! I wanna say a big big big thank you to you and ah Wing!!!!! The cupcakes taste amazing!!! Like they are perfect perfect!!! The perfect amount of sweetness! And the perfect designs I wanted!!!! Thank you sooo sooo much!!!!My friends love it too!!!"


"The cake was the highlight of the night. We went to a restaurant to eat and all the waiters for so happy seeing the cake and also took down your Instagram name for future business:)"

Jasmine Dg

"Hello Florence! Bora and I would like to thank you and your husband for your amazing service! We really loved the arch, it looked beautiful with the rest of our decor. We really loved that you stayed with the guests at the photobooth and helped them out and always making sure that the pictures looked good. I am very impressed by the quality of the pictures and about how many people can fit in there!
It will be our pleasure to recommend your services to family and friends. Thank you again!"

Bora and Theavy



"Thanks so much Florence and Wing for being part of the Hector Toe Blake celebrity golf tournament, and to capture these moments! The pictures are awesome!"



"Thank you for doing so much for us. The wedding was only successful because you are so detailed. I truly appreciate you guys!"


Ana & Ben

"A huge THANK YOU to AW FLORENCE for their amazing BABY SHARK cupcakes and UNICORN buttercream cake. Florence has always fulfilled all of my requests to 100% and her sweets are always spot-on, detailed and stunningly well-done. One word: She's AMAZING!!"

Stellia & Pierre




"Oh my goodness!  The cookies look so amazing!!!! We are so so so in love with them!!!! No one wants to eat them they are gorgeous!!!! I can’t believe what you made!!!! Exactly what I wanted!!! Thank you so much for making this pregnancy so special for me!!!!"






"Omg I am so in love with your cakes! Everything was perfect, thank you for making our party extra special!"



Thank you so much for your beautiful creation and helping make my Pinterest goals comes true! Delicious and beautiful sweets!

Michelle J. Hui

"You made our day so amazing! We really appreciate your professionalism and it was a joy having you part of our wedding 😘🙌"

Karen & Francis

"Thank you again for capturing our wedding day perfectly!"

Kayla & Tim

"Thank you Florence and Wing for organizing everything and for always being here for us whenever we need you! It is always a pleasure working with you guys! Xoxo"

Betty Ma - Luxury Moment Photography

" It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your hard work in keeping everything organized and on schedule. Thank you!"


Jason Chuan-Der Shum


Little Freelenser

"It was a very well organized wedding which makes it much easier to do our work. I'm sure we will work together again!" 


Gleb LaVcinema

La V Cinema - Cinematography




"Thank you Florence to be the wedding planner, you are so organized which just make the event more than completed! Thank you to Wing, without him, it will be different, we had a very good corporation chemistry with him too!"


Liza Hum

KNL Productions

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